Message from Our CEO

Innovation is the wild card that drives positive change in our society, economy, and day-to-day lives. We are currently experiencing a new paradigm in economic expansion that is closely tied to disruptive entrepreneurs and their investors. At Venture First, we strive to facilitate this ecosystem by guiding companies through a minefield of challenges, while facilitating better communication and analysis for their investors.
CEO - John Shumate

Venture First Financial Consulting Louisville

Valuation & Analytics
Venture First was founded as a specialty valuation firm and assisting clients with a suite of targeted equity and derivative valuation services. Entrepreneurs and investors have a focused need for targeted specialty valuation services, whether it’s annual 409As to set stock option strikes, quarterly SFAS 157s to mark a portfolio to market, or transfer tax valuations to manage estate issues for founders. Furthermore, they have a need for specialty valuation services in a pinch, such as a spin-out, dispute, or acquisition. [Read more]

Venture First Financial Consulting Louisville

Transaction Advisory
Venture First offers a complete set of investment banking services that complement our core valuation and deal structuring expertise, including transaction advisory services, capital raising services, and distressed situations. We specialize and focus on working with management teams and shareholder groups in providing long-term planning, organization and deal process management activities to support our client’s strategic and transaction completion goals.  [Read more]


Financial Consulting
Unlike typical financial services groups, Venture First focuses on assisting client companies through their development life cycle. A variety of targeting financial and strategic consulting services allow Venture First clients to seamlessly navigate common challenges for innovative companies. From assisting with complex decision processes to board strategy development, Venture First’s team helps focus management efforts to achieve market-leading results. [Read More]