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How to Prioritize Your Investor Strategy

How to Prioritize Your Investor Strategy: Breaking Through Location Biased VCs by John Toner, Business Development, SF/Bay Area Crunchbase recently published aggregate, time-series data for over 36,000 venture capital deals between 2012 and 2017. For some, it confirms the source of midwestern and southern “chip-on-the shoulder” attitudes: fly-over entrepreneurs are stuck because of “coastal elite” bias. Yet, as believers in entrepreneurialism and opportunity, we see the glass as half-full. Even if you’re not a midwestern or southern company, here’s how to maximize your ROI based on this data.
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Is Your Valuation More Than "Good Enough"?

How Startups Get a Great Valuation by Liza Bowersox, Vice President, Valuation This month, eShares acquired the Valuation business unit of Silicon Valley Bank.  Many startups are looking for guidance about this news and what to know when getting a valuation. Here’s a quick guide on what’s at stake.
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Four Reasons (and a Story) on Financing Your New Business

Where is the VC for the 99%? by Greg Bennett & Keith Harrington When I think of an example of growing wealth through entrepreneurship, I think of my great aunt in Charcas, Mexico. Nearly 40 years ago, in a small mining town in the state of San Luis Potosi, Pola Badillo cut down the cactus patch behind her house and built a bakery.  She scraped together money from family, the church, and savings accumulated over several years.
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Venture First Good Reads - August 22 - 2017

You Are What You Read Here's our latest favorite data-driven, forward thinking, and inspirational articles, books, and blogs:
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Venture First Advises Healthcare Asset Network on $3 Million Equity Financing

Healthcare Asset Network, a provider-to-provider platform for buying and selling surplus medical supplies and surgical equipment, announced they have closed a $3 million round of financing. The company will use the growth capital to expand its technology and sales teams and to accelerate its relationships with enterprise customers. The round included notable healthcare and technology founders such as Vencor/Kindred Healthcare founder Bruce Lunsford, Genscape founder Sterling Lapinski, and iPay founder Mike Bowers. Prior investors who also participated in the round include Kentucky
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Two Venture First Clients Awarded Fast Dozen Honor

Venture First is proud to recognize two client companies as they have been selected as a “Fast Dozen” finalist at this year’s Hot & Fast Innovation Awards hosted by EnterpriseCore. This annual event recognizes the latest companies selected as the most promising and innovative, early stage or growth stage companies to watch in greater Louisville, KY. They demonstrate the diversity and creativity of our entrepreneurial community and drive economic growth in the region. These companies are expanding, adding jobs, increasing revenue
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Common Pitfalls with Employee Stock Options

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When it Comes to Employee Stock Options We work with a wide variety of startups here at Venture First, and often we find founders running into pitfalls when they issue Employee Stock Options. The most common pitfalls we see are in the following arenas: “Promised” vs. “Issued” Stock Options. Setting a Vesting Schedule Setting a Strike Price As an expert in these arenas, we’d like to address the issues and give advice on how you can avoid these common pitfalls in your
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Venture First CEO John Shumate Featured in Inc. Magazine

Venture First’s John Shumate was recently interviewed by Inc. columnist Tracy Leigh Hazzard, CEO of Hazz Design, about how to craft a compelling pitch to investors that is not over the top or unbelievable. John has been working with entrepreneurs for almost a decade assisting with their investor pitch, as well as the business plan and financial model to back it up. John shares his thoughts with Tracy on how to fine-tune your financial model to get your pitch right with investors.
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John’s Interview with the Angel Investing Podcast

John shares his thoughts on early-stage valuation with Tatyana Gray. Tatyana is the hostess for the Angel Investing Podcast. Her goal is to get individuals excited about investing in early-stage companies by demystifying the process. Highlights from the show include: 02:00 – How did John become a startup investor? 05:25 – What’s the difference between venture capital and private equity? 08:00 – Startup valuation is a really big topic among both entrepreneurs and investors. 09:55 – John just did a startup
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CEO Featured on John Murphy International Podcast

CEO John Shumate was recently featured on the John Murphy International podcast. John Murphy works as an executive coach to help business owners, senior executives and management teams perform at their full potential. He has a background in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur. In this interview you will hear the following: What the greatest need any early stage business needs to satisfy – the acquisition and retention of talent Why you should be prepared to give up more equity
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