Venture First offers a complete set of transaction advisory services, including Mergers & Acquisitions and Capital Raising Services.  We work with management teams and shareholder groups to provide long-term planning, organization and deal process management activities to support our client’s strategic and transaction completion goals. Our professionals leverage considerable deal experience and a strong network of investors to provide deal support, structuring, negotiation, due diligence, etc.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Buy-Side Services.

Our buy-side process aligns our client’s strategic objectives with a comprehensive, realistic assessment of opportunities for acquiring companies and/or capabilities that will drive performance goals. We typically engage with our clients for a significant period in providing the analysis, insights, process management and execution of selected transactions. We will also work with client teams and select partners to ensure post-acquisition integration success and performance.

Sell-Side Services.

Our process ideally begins six months to a year prior to transaction completion, which allows us to perform a thorough review of our client’s operating condition, growth prospects, and to provide guidance on changes to their management and operating profile designed to maximize sale value. We assess our client’s operating profile, management team, corporate strategy, key differentiators, and performance track record for opportunities to highlight themes for our marketing of the company. We provide expert valuation guidance based upon a detailed review of relevant market indicators, and clearly communicate deal value expectations up front. We perform exhaustive market research into the universe of prospective buyers, and provide clear rationale to our clients as to what approach will work best in selectively bringing the company to market. Our collateral development team provides professional and visually appealing selling materials that immediately differentiate our client’s presentation from standard presentation templates.

Our senior investment banker leads all transactions that Venture First manages – transactions are never “handed off” to inexperienced staff for completion. We effectively leverage our client’s time and involvement to secure confidentiality and efficiency of the overall transaction process.

Capital Raise Services

Companies seeking to raise capital need a comprehensive set of services in order to maximize the opportunities for successful transaction completion. Venture First advises clients desiring to raise either equity or debt capital in varying amounts with a focus on early-stage ventures. Key to this process are the in-depth preparation, process leadership and support services Venture First provides to our clients:

  • Detailed review of our client’s operating condition and overall capital requirements.
  • A range of likely value for the prospective securities to be offered, based upon a thorough review of recent and relevant capital raise activity, as well as other related transactional activity.
  • A complete review of the financing sourcing marketplace, with the most relevant institutional and accredited investors identified and screened for relevance.
  • A structured, professional and compelling “story” delivered to potentially interested parties that will maximize the likelihood of success. We work closely with our client’s legal counsel to ensure accurate and fully compliant capital raise documentation.


Distressed Situations

Companies experiencing adverse financial conditions that imperil their continued operation need urgent, high impact financial analysis and strategic guidance to assess all available options for recovery. At Venture First, we use a strategy consulting model to determine root causes of deteriorating performance and then quickly build operating, restructuring and financial plans designed to address the situation at hand. Our approach includes the following steps:

  • Diagnose key challenges to profitable performance – includes: margin performance comparisons to key industry metrics, service delivery standards versus industry performance, and an assessment of optimal capital structure to support the business in an ongoing manner.
  • Identify and triage options – includes a full consideration of strategic and tactical alternatives, which could include the sales of assets, closure of operations, pricing changes or the sale of the entire enterprise.
  • Assist in executing management and board directives – drive the process to conclusion once the direction has been set.